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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 10


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I have been induced by the perusal of Professor Harold Browne's Pamphlet to send to England a few further remarks on the origin of the Taranaki war. I have directed particular attention to some of his misstatements—all that are important: I have necessarily omitted to notice many others. I have reprinted some letters previously published in the Colony, because they contain information that appears to he much required in England. I reproduce them in their original form, partly from want of time to recast them, and partly to shew that I have fearlessly stated my opinions here knowing that they could not be refuted. I have also given some notes by Sir William Martin, late Chief Justice of the Colony, which I consider very valuable. I would direct attention to the letters from certain Ngatiawa natives, as well as to a speech and a letter from a Chief, Renata, residing on the East Coast many miles from Taranaki. I have felt obliged to vindicate myself from certain charges brought against me for not communicating to the Governor letters which I had received from W. King. But I have refrained from any allusion to the Governor's calumnious imputations against me in reference to the origin of a Petition for his recall, which was sent to Her Majesty the Queen by the Maories of this place and its vicinity, having written officially to the Secretary of State for the Colonies contradicting and refuting his statements.

O. H.