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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 9

Rules of the Caithness and Sutherlandshire Association of Otago, instituted on the 19th December 1873

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Rules of the Caithness and Sutherlandshire Association of Otago.

Dunedin: Printed by Mackay, Fenwick, and Co., Princes Street.

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Office-Bearers for 1874.

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Believing that a sincere desire existed in the minds of natives of Caithness and Sutherland resident in Otago, that they should become more intimately acquainted with each other in this the land of their adoption, and thus be helpful one to another here, as also unitedly be able to extend a hand of welcome to new arrivals hailing from their native counties on their landing in this Province, an advertisement was inserted in several of the leading newspapers in the Province, requesting those in favour of forming such an Association to place themselves in communication with one of the promoters.

The suggestion having been most favourably received, a preliminary meeting was held in the Provincial Hotel, Port Chalmers, on the 13th December, 1873, Mr. William Elder in the chair, when it was unanimously agreed—"That it was desirable to form 'a Caithness and Sutherland Association of Otago.'"

The gentlemen present then formed themselves into the nucleus of said Association. Messrs. Cormack, Elder, Gunn, and Matheson, were appointed to draw up rules, to be submitted to the first General Meeting, which was appointed to be held on Friday, the 19th December. The following rules are the result of their deliberations, and were adopted as the rules of the Association, at the General Meeting held in the Athenæum, Dunedin, on Friday, 19th December, 1873,—Mr. Wm. B. M'Kay in the chair.

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1. That this Association be denominated The Caithness and Sutherland Association of Otago.


1. The object of the Association are to cultivate and maintain a friendly intercourse amongst natives of Caithness and Sutherlandshire resident in Otago and the other Provinces of New Zealand.

2. To afford assistance to persons belonging to these counties in quest of employment, and to give temporary relief from a fund (to be raised for that purpose among members) to those who from sickness or any emergency may stand in need of such aid.

3. To initiate and maintain, through their Secretary, a regular correspondence with the Caithness and Sutherland Associations throughout the world, and also with the Press in those counties, for the purpose of affording reliable statistics respecting this part of the Colony to parties desirous of emigrating to this Province; as also to welcome and assist such immigrants on their arrival here with advice, or pecuniary aid if required. (Any pecuniary assistance of this character granted by the Association to be repayable when the circumstances of the recipient enable him so to do.)

4. To bring the Association under the notice of the Government as a body under whose auspices eligible persons from Caithness and Sutherland might be assisted to emigrate.


Any person who is a native of Caithness or Sutherlandshire, or who has resided three years therein, may become a member of the Association, on being recommended by a member at a regu- page 6 lar meeting, and approved of by a majority of the members present. The sons and husbands of natives are also eligible.


The subscription money payable by each member shall be one pound per annum in advance; youths under 18 years ten shillings. Any eligible person subscribing ten pounds shall be a life member, and entitled to a vote in the affairs of the Society. A subscription of five pounds shall constitute an honorary member, but without the privilege of a vote.

V.—Times of Meeting.

There shall be four stated General Meetings of the Association,—viz., the Annual Meeting on the third Friday in December, and the Quarterly Meetings on the third Friday in March, June, and September. In order also to promote that friendly intercourse contemplated by the Society, an annual social gathering will be held on the second day of January in each year, to which members will have the privilege of introducing their friends.

VI.—Direction and Management.

The direction and management of the whole affairs of the Society shall be vested in a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and twelve Directors, five to form a quorum. These shall be elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting, and continue in office for one year, and be eligible for re-election.

VI.—Powers and Duties of Office-Bearers.

The President shall have power to call a meeting of the Association at any other period besides those specified, provided that a requisition to that effect be sent him, signed by sis or more members. On such occasions he shall instruct the Secretary to send intimations to those members of the Association residing within a reasonable distance of the place of meeting. He shall also have a discretionary power to call meetings of Committee. The President, or in his absence the Vice-President, or failing both, some one of the Directors, shall preside at the General and Committee Meetings, and be entitled to a deliberative and also a casting vote in cases of parity. The Treasurer shall collect the funds, and lodge the same in a Bank specified by the Directors, page 7 in names of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer; but the Directors shall have the power to invest them, or part of them, in any sufficient security they may approve of. He shall also keep an Account Book of his transactions, which shall be open at all times to the inspection of the Directors. No portion of the funds can be drawn from the Bank in which they may have been deposited, without an order signed by the President, or in his absence the Vice-President, and by the Treasurer and Secretary. The Secretary shall send notices of the times of meeting to the members, and keep a faithful record of their proceedings, and shall draw up an annual report.

VIII.—Appropriation of Funds.

Every application for relief must be made through two members of the Association, who shall give to the Secretary a written statement of the applicant's circumstances to the best of their information; upon which the Secretary, by the authority of the President, shall call a meeting of Committee to decide on the application, and determine the amount of relief, if it is to be granted. When the sum does not exceed five pounds, the Treasurer is empowered to pay away the same upon receiving authority from the President, Vice-President, the Secretary, and two Directors, without the sanction of Committee. The Association shall not expend in any one year on charitable grants more than the interest of the capital, and the annual amount of the subscriptions; such amount to be determined by striking an average of the three preceding years.


Members in arrears for twelve months shall not be entitled to vote in the affairs of the Society.


The Association shall have power to alter or amend any rule at present in force, or to add to their number, on due notice of their intention so to do being given at the previous Quarterly Meeting by any member.