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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 9

H. Jurisprudence and Legislative

H. Jurisprudence and Legislative.

Authors. Vols.
H Acts and Ordinances, New South Wales Callighan 2
H 1 Acts and Ordinances, "Victoria," New Edition Adamson 2
H 2 Acts and New South Wales, from 1843 to 1848
H Acts and Victoria, 1851 to
H 26 American Slave Code, the Goodell 1
H 3 Blackstone's Commentaries 4
H 4 Commons, Debates and Proceedings of the British House of, 1743 to 1774 9
H Commons, History and Proceedings of the British House of, from the Restoration to 1742 11
H 5 Criminal Trials, Celebrated 2
H 27 Contracts, Law of, Works and Service Gibbons 1
H 6 Crown Land Grievances in New South Wales 1
H 7 Ecclesiastical Courts, Sir Geo. Lee's Cases in the Phillimore 2
H 15 Erskine, Lord, Speeches 4
H 8 Evidence, Law of Starkie 3
H 9 Evidence, Law of Phillips 2
H 10 Insecurity of Life and Property in New South Wales 1
H 21 Law Times, The, from to
H 12 Legal Observer, The from to
H 20 Melbourne Corporation, Acts and Bye Laws King 1
H 11 Nations, Law of Vatell 1
H 13 Pauper Children, Report on the Training of 1
H 14 Poor Law Commissioners, Report of the 1page 35
H 25 Shipping and Insurance, the Law of James Lees 1
H 16 Statutes at large of Great Britain 1839, 1840 2
H 17 Transportation Lang 1
H 11 Transportation Report, House of Commons 1838 1
H 19 Votes and Proceedings, Legislative Council of New South Wales to 1855 1
H 22 Votes and Proceedings, of Victoria from 1851 to