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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 8

The Epidemic in the South

The Epidemic in the South.

The unfortunate visitation of the dreaded yellow fever to several cities of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee has been brought to the official notice of the Grand Secretary by the reception of fifty dollars from Union Lodge, No. 1, Denver, Colorado, on the 3d day of September, as "a donation to the brethren in the South who are suffering from yellow fever." Bro. A. J. Woodbury, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Union Lodge, remarked: "As you have facilities for knowing at what point or points the money can be best appropriated, we place the sum in your hands, knowing that you will willingly attend to its distribution." In the exercise of the discretion vested in me, the amount was promptly transmitted, in currency, by the Adams Express Company, free of charge, to John H. McKenzie, Grand Master, Summit, Mississippi.

On the 4th day of September a draft for fifty dollars was received from J. M. Norman, P. Sec'y of Denver Lodge, No. 4, Denver, Colorado, the contribution of that Lodge "to the Odd Fellows' Relief Committee of Memphis, Tennessee, for the benefit of the suffering Odd Fellows of that city." This remittance was duly acknowledged, but, in the absence of information as to the organization of a "Relief Committee" in Memphis, the transmission of the amount was delayed until the reception of advice as to whom the money should be paid.

Germania Lodge, No. 14, Denver, Colorado, has also sent to this office twenty-five dollars, "to be distributed to yellow fever suffering districts South."

This splendid offering of one hundred and twenty-five dollars by the three Lodges in Denver, is worthy of all commendation, and it is not to be doubted that the Order generally has now, as heretofore, promptly responded to the appeals for relief which have come from the sadly afflicted cities of the South.

In this connection I have also to state, that on the 1st of September a telegram was received from the Grand Master of Dakota, asking to whom contributions for the sufferers by yellow fever should be sent. He was advised to remit to the Grand Master of Mississippi.

The mail of September 7th brought the following;

Hall of the I. O. O. F. Association, Silver Reef, Washington County, Utah Territory,

James L. Ridgely

, R. W. Grand Secretary:

Dear Sir and Bro.,—Inclosed you will please find bill of exchange for one hundred and fifty dollars ($150), which amount has been contributed by this Association for the relief of our brethren in the South, who are suffering from yellow fever. It is the wish of the Association that the money be equally distributed between the States of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana, and, not knowing the addresses of the Grand Officers of those States, we send the funds to you, with a request that you forward the money to its destination.

This Association consists of members of various Lodges, who have come page 111 together here, and there being no Lodge within one hundred miles, have formed an association which numbers thirty-three (33) members.

Hoping that our mite may do a little toward relieving our unfortunate brethren,

I remain, fraternally yours,

C. F. Bowen,


The following telegram was also received:

Salt Lake City, Utah,

James L. Ridgely,

Grand Secretary:

Lodges here contributed one hundred and fifty dollars for the Odd Fellows South. I mailed to you draft for that amount to-day.

Charles Popper,Grand Master.

These contributions, one hundred and twenty-five dollars from Colorado and three hundred dollars from Utah, through this office, evince the true spirit of Odd Fellowship existing in these comparatively young jurisdictions of the Order. The noble donation of one hundred and fifty dollars by brethren temporarily located at Silver Reef, Utah Territory, deserves more than a passing notice.