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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 8

The New Diploma

The New Diploma.

The steel plate for a new certificate of membership was completed early in April, and the following circular dated April 15, 1878, was issued:

page 98

The R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States in 1875 authorized a new Diploma, or Certificate of Membership, to be prepared, but the committee deterred action on the same until about a year ago, when, in order to meet a pressing demand for a new Diploma, a contract was made for a certificate from an original design presented by Bro. Wm. H. Dougal, of Georgetown, D. C. The steel plate has been completed, and impressions from the same on heavy plate paper, 19x24 inches, will be ready for delivery on and after May 1, 1878.

The engraving is about 15x20 inches, and is thus described by Bro. Wm. H. Dougal, the artist:

"At the top, above all, is 'The All-seeing Eve;' immediately beneath it a shield with monogram 'F. L. T.,' encircled with the motto: 'Friendship, Love, Truth.' On the right and left of the shield are outspread wings, signifying Power and Dominion; they symbolize the universal spread and powerful protecting care of the Order.

"At the base on the right the genius of Odd Fellowship is represented Educating the Orphans, and on the left engaged in ministering to the Sick and Distressed. Above these figures are clusters of Palm and Olive branches, typical of Victory and Peace.

"All the emblems of the Order are beautifully and systematically displayed and grouped in the engraving."

This certificate is adapted for members of Lodges or Encampments, and is regarded, by those who have examined it, as a handsome specimen of the skill and taste of an accomplished artist, and it is believed will be generally acceptable to the members of the Order.