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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 8

Report of Finance Committee

Report of Finance Committee.

The Convention adopted the following Report of their Finance Committee :—

Report of the Sub-Committee Appointed to form a Scheme of Finance to Sustain the Operations of the Convention.

The first element of power which can be wielded by an associated body such as ours is Truth, the second the Press to disseminate the Truth, and the third Funds to defray the expenses attendant on its dissemination.

A well organised subscription is invariably the most successful; by becoming general, it is more cheerfully paid, and enlists a greater amount of sympathy.

We submit, therefore, that cards of "Association with the Convention" be prepared, with a suitable motto, and on the reverse side of the Card the heads of the Convention Land Bill be printed, which will thus afford a means of circulating the principles of the Convention among the people, whilst teaching them to think and act in unity.

For the Delegates of the Convention the Card might be somewhat varied, and the price fixed 20s.; for supporters of the Convention, probably 5s. might be considered enough.

A third class of collections might be monthly payments of One Shilling, from those whose limited means forbid a greater contribution.

A fourth mode would be, that merchants, professional gentlemen, tradesmen, and others who are friendly to the people's cause, be applied to for donations and subscriptionss towards the Convention Fund.

A fifth mode of raising Funds might be by Public Lectures and Public Entertainments, &c., where the principles of the Convention may be explained. The operation of raising Funds and the discussing of the great questions which these Funds are to support produce a double action of utility, informing the public mind on the one hand, and raising necessary Funds to sustain the movement on the other.

The Victorian Convention has it in its power to emancipate the country and open the lands, if the people support it with Funds—already two responsible Treasurers and a permanent Finance Committee have been appointed, and we now recommend that the work be forthwith commenced in the Convention; and that Collectors for the City and Suburban Districts be appointed as one of the most pressing duties of the Convention; when the Gold Fields' and Country Delegates return to their constituencies, they will put the same machinery into motion and remit the proceeds to the Central Committee.

That a monthly Balance Sheet be furnished and printed.

Finally—In making this appeal to the people, it is necessary to remind them that, as they are the basis of power, they are likewise the only legitimate source from whence Funds can be obtained to sustain a National movement of this character. Their willingness to contribute the necessary Funds towards its support is at once a proof of their adhesion to the principles, and a means of disseminating them over the whole community.

And also the following Report, supplementary to the above:—

Supplementary Report of Sub-Committee on Finance.

Your committee would suggest the advisability of forming a common fund of at least £1,000 to be placed at the disposal of the Executive Council to carry out the great objects for which this Convention has been convened.

With regard to the appointment of a permanent Finance Committee, your committee recommend the appointment of such body to be left to the Council of the Convention.

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In bringing up this report, your committee would earnestly impress on the gentlemen composing the Convention the great importance of bringing under the notice of the people of their various districts the urgent necessity of contributing promptly and liberally to the general funds of the Convention.

But, as a means of meeting expenses already incurred, your committee would respectfully urge that remittances be forwarded from each locality with as little delay as possible.