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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 8

False Estimates of Human Nature

False Estimates of Human Nature.

There is no more mischievous falsehood than to persist in railing at man'S nature, as if it were all vile together, as if the best and the worst which comes of it were in God's sight equally without worth. These denunciations tend too fatally to realise themselves. Tell a man that no good which he can do is of any value and depend upon it he will take you at your word—most especially will the wealthy, comfortable, luxurious man, just the man who has the most means to do good, and whom of all things it is most necessary to stimulate to it. Surely we should not be afraid; the instincts which God has placed in our hearts are too mighty for us to be able to extinguish them with doctrinal sophistry. If true at all, there is no truth in heaven or earth of deeper practical importance to us.—J. A. Froude.