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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Misconduct of Members XXIX

page 14

Misconduct of Members XXIX.

Misconduct of Members

Any Member proved guilty of wilfully infringing the Rules or By-Laws, or of conducting himself in or out of the Club-House in a manner derogatory to his station in Society, shall be liable to expulsion. The charge against the accused Member must, in the first instance, be submitted in writing to the Committee by a Member, of which a copy shall be forthwith transmitted to the Member accused; and if upon due investigation they shall be of opinion that the circumstances require the notice of the Club, a Special General Meeting shall be convened, in conformity with Rule XIV., and the Member accused shall be informed of it. The opinion of such General Meeting shall be obtained by ballot, when, if two-thirds of the Members voting at the Meeting shall decide that the accused Member has merited expulsion, he shall cease to be a Member of the Club, which shall be notified to him forthwith by the Steward.

[The foregoing Rules were passed at a General Meeting of Members of the Club, on 23rd October, 1874.]