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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7




Servants not to receive gratuities

No Member of the Club shall give any money or gratuity to any of the servants of the establishment under any pretence whatever.



Gambling on no account to be allowed in the Club. Any complaints thereof to be decided by the Committee, and no game which may be deemed by the Committee a gambling game shall be allowed in the Club.


Dogs not admitted

No Member is on any account to bring a dog into the Club House.



No smoking shall be allowed in the Club House, except in the room or rooms appropriated for that purpose by the Committee of Management.


Destruction of the Properties of the Club

Any Member breaking or injuring any article belonging to, or in use of the Club, shall pay the necessary costs of replacing such article.
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No Member shall, upon any pretence whatever, take or allow

The Properties of the Club not to be removed therefrom

to be taken away from the Club, any book, newspaper, or other article, the property or in the use of the Club.


The Club House shall be open from 7 o'clock a.m. till midnight,

Club-House, when open

after which hour no refreshments will be supplied, unless on some special occasion, by direction of the Committee.