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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7



1. Every person becoming a member of this Society, on or before Friday the 5th December, 1873, shall pay the sum of two shillings and sixpence per share as entrance fee, and every person entering the Society after that time, or already being a member thereof, and subscribing for a greater number of shares than he or she shall then hold, shall pay, as entrance fee, such sum as the Committee may determine. No member shall hold more than forty shares in his own right. Every member of this Society shall, on the fifth day of December, 1873, commence paying his or her subscription

Amount and Mode of Payment.

money of five shillings per share, and shall afterwards continue to pay the said subscription money of 5s. (five shillings) per share, with all fines that may be due from him or her, at every succeeding monthly meeting, until the objects of the Society are fully accomplished, such payments to be made before eight o'clock in the evening; and the Society will only be responsible for money paid at such time and place as may be appointed by the Committee; and every member neglecting to pay his or her subscription shall be fined for each share according to the scale of fines given on page 11 of these rules. The Committee may, if they think fit receive from any of the members of the Society willing to advance

Subscriptions may be paid in advance.

the same, all or any part of the instalments to become due upon the respective shares beyond the sums actually due; and upon the instalments so paid in advance, or so much thereof as from time to time exceeds the amount of the calls then due upon the shares in respect of which such advance has been made, the Committee of Management may pay interest at the rate of 4 percent, per annum.
2. Any member (not having executed a mortgage to the

Shares, -How forfeited.

Society as hereafter mentioned) continuing to neglect the payment of his or her monthly subscriptions, until the fines incurred thereby page 10 shall equal all the subscription moneys actually advanced and paid by him or her, exclusive of the entrance fee; shall thereupon be expelled the Society, and forfeit all his or her interest therein.


3. If any member shall be in arrear in respect of his or her subscription or fines for more than one general meeting, every payment afterwards made by such member, if not sufficient to discharge the whole thereof, shall be applied, first to the liquidation of what shall be owing for the first general meeting, and then in discharge of the arrears of each succeeding meeting.