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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7



1. The Actuary and Secretary shall, under the direction of the Committee, to be from time to time chosen according to these Rides, insure from loss by fire, in the names of the Trustees, all premises mortgaged or assured to the Society, and continue such insurance from time to time, for such an amount as the Committee may deem necessary and proper, and the Actuary and Secretary shall pay for such insurance out of the Society's funds; but the money so expended shall be refunded to the Society by the mortgagor at the next Monthly Meeting; and in case of the nonpayment of money so expended, he or they shall be liable to the same fines as would be payable upon subscriptions in arrear for a similar amount. The mortgagor may direct the insurance to be effected in any fire insurance office, subject to the approval of the Committee.

2. Each member of this Society who shall have purchased any share or shares, and secured the repayment thereof upon his or her premises, shall be required within two days to give a written statement to the Actuary and Secretary of any trade earned on in any part of his or her premises, or of the existence of any stove


or furnace erected therein, which would in any way affect the validity of the insurance policy; and the member neglecting to give such notice shall pay a fine of not more than twenty shillings, nor less than two shillings and sixpence for each share so secured, the amount to be determined by the Committee.