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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

XVIII.—Member Withdrawing

XVIII.—Member Withdrawing.

1. Any member not having received his or her share or shares, and having been a member for one year, who may be desirou of withdrawing from the Society, shall, upon giving one calendar month's notice in writing to the Actuary and Secretary at any Monthly Meeting of the Society, be entitled to receive back the

Interest Subscription Mpney withdrawn.

net amount of subscription money by him or her paid, exclusiv of entrance fees, fines, and proportion of working expenses : and if the application to withdraw shall be made at any period subsequent to the end of the first year of the Society, the member or members so withdrawing shall be entitled to receive in addition to the subscription money as aforesaid, interest at and after the ate of four pounds per centum per annum upon such subsequent payments.

2. If more than one member shall give such notice, they shall be paid by rotation according to the priority of their notices, put in all cases, payment of all fines then due from such member or members shall be first deducted.

3. If any money shall have been borrowed by the Trustees for or on account of the Society, it shall be lawful for the Committee to direct the Trustees to repay such sum or sums of money so borrowed previously to any member withdrawing or desiring to withdraw receiving the subscriptions and profits as aforesaid.