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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

VI. Special Meetings

VI. Special Meetings.

Special meetings of Board of Directors.

1. The Chairman may call a special meeting of the Board of Directors at any time, stating its objects. Any three of the Directors may also call a special meeting of the Board, upon giving three clear day's notice thereof to the Chairman or Manager, and stating its objects.

Special general meetings of share-holders.

2. The Chairman on receiving a written memorial, signed by thirty of the members requesting him to convene a special general meeting of the Society or on receiving notice of appeal from any Trustee or Director removed from his office, shall within seven days after the receipt of such memorial or notice of appeal, fix the time for such meeting to be held, and direct the Manager to convene the same by advertisement in at least one newspaper circulating in the City of Wellington, fourteen clear days before the time appointed for holding such meeting.
3. The Members, Trustees, or Director, (as the case may be) presenting such memorial, or giving such notice of appeal, page 5 shall before such meeting is appointed, deposit with the

Deposit of £20 to be made prior to calling special general meetings.

Manager such a sum of money, not exceeding £20, as the; Directors may think adequate to defray the expenses of such meeting; the same to be returned if the appeal be allowed or the resolution of the memorialists adopted.
4. Special General Meetings of the members may at any time be also convened by the Chairman, or any four of the Directors. No business shall be transacted at such meetings

General management—Board of Directors.

except that of which notice has so been given.