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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

XXIII. Triennial Investigation

XXIII. Triennial Investigation.

1. Immediately preceding the close of every third year of the

Properties to be valued every third year.

Society, or at such other time as may be determined, the Board may, if they deem it desirable, cause a survey to be made of any of the properties they hold, as security for advances, and obtain a report of the then value of the same; for which survey and report such fee shall be paid as the Board may decide. At the close of the third financial year of the Society, and of

Special investigation on third year, and every succeeding year, as to profits made.

each succeeding year, two competent persons to be appointed by the Board, and paid out of the funds of the Society, shall investigate the affairs of the Society, and the profits then made; and after all losses and anticipated losses have been provided for, the profit over and above the interest which has accrued on the investing shares, as provided for in Rule XV., shall be apportioned equitably to the investing members.

Profits to be apportioned to investing members.

The profits then ascertained to be due to investing members shall be allowed to remain and accumulate, forming part of the general funds of the Society until such accumulated profits, together with the subscription money paid by them and the seven per cent, interest added from year to year, shall make up the sum total of £25 on each half share, and £50 on each whole

Investing shares to cease when they reach £50, and half-shares when they reach £25.

share; then all payments to the Society so far as such half share or share is concerned shall cease and determine, and the amount of £25 for such half share, or £50 for each whole share, shall be paid by the Board to the shareholder. Provided always that no apportionment of surplus profit shall be made excepting upon the certificate of two competent persons appointed to act in the manner hereinbefore mentioned.