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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Receipt of Subscriptions

Receipt of Subscriptions.

9. One Director with the Secretary shall be present to receive subscriptions of the members at the monthly meetings appointed for that purpose, and such Director shall be responsible therefor. At the close of the meeting he shall account for, and sign an acknowledgement for the same, in a book to be provided for the purpose, and before two o'clock on the day following, being a banking day, deposit with the bankers, to the credit of the Society, the money as received. In case of the absence of the Receiving Director at the day and hour to receive subscriptions, he page 6 shall forfeit and pay ten shillings, and any Director present shall act in his stead; and such deputy shall be subject to the same rules and obligations as the officer for whom he shall serve. The Board shall have power to remit this fine upon satisfactory explanation. A Receiving Director may attend by any other Director as his substitute. If the Receiving Director or his substitute neglect, to pay into the bank the money received by him, according to the preceding regulation, he shall, for the first day's default, pay a fine of £5, and for each subsequent day's default, pay a fine of £10. If, on being summoned before the Board to make good such default, he shall fail then and there to pay such person as the Board shall direct the sum so collected by him, he shall thereupon forfeit all his shares and benefit in the Society, and be liable to be expelled therefrom and to be further proceeded against, as the Board may be advised, for the recovery of such money and fines. The Receiving Director shall be allowed, as a remuneration for his services on each subscription night that he shall attend at the time appointed, the sum of ten shillings.