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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Special Meetings

Special Meetings.

28. A special general meeting of the Society shall be held at any time which the Board may appoint; it shall also be competent for any ten shareholders, holding at least five shares each in the Society, to sign a requisition to the Chairman to convene such meeting, and, on the requisitionists depositing with the Secretary a sum of money sufficient to pay the expenses thereof, the Chairman shall instruct the Secretary to call such meeting. All special meetings shall be called by advertisements in the local newspapers, or by circulars addressed to the members, at least four days previous to such meetings : provided that the object and place of the meeting shall be distinctly stated, both in the requisition and advertisement or circulars, and no other business shall be entered upon excepting that for which the meeting has been convened. A majority of the shareholders present shall decide whether the expenses of the meeting shall be borne by the requisitionists or by the Society. Nino members shall form a quorum at any general or special meeting. All questions arising thereat shall be decided by a majority of votes of the persons there and then present, the decision to be taken by ballot, if demanded, and the number of votes to which such members shall be entitled shall be according to the following scale, viz. :—
Members holding ten shares and under 1 vote
Members holding more than ten, but not more than twenty 2 votes
Members holding more than twenty, but not more than forty 3 votes
Members holding more than fort 4 votes
excepting that in the case of equality of votes the Chairman will have a casting vote.