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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7



No. Form A.

Application for Land on Deferred Payments.

To the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the Province of Wellington.

I hereby apply to purchase acres of land the particulars page 27 whereof are hereunto annexed, under the provisions of the First Part of "The Wellington Special Settlements Act 1871."

Name in full
Date 187.

Number of Acres. Locality and particular description of Land. How paid for.
Deposit with this application £
2nd instalment paid £
3rd instalment paid £
4th instalment paid £
5th instalment paid £

Entered in the Register of Applications this day of 187.

Form B.

License to Occupy.

[Name in full] having purchased the land described at the foot hereof, and paid the deposit of £ for the same, is hereby authorised to occupy the said land so long as he shall observe the conditions indorsed hereon.

[Description of land.]

Commissioner of Crown Lands.

Date (the day on which the deposit was made or in case of sale by auction the day of such sale).

Conditions to be Indorsed on License to Occupy.

1. The purchaser must before the day of [two years from date] build on the said block a house of the value of at least ten pounds, and must within the said period fence or clear, crop or lay down in grass, one-tenth part of the said land.

2. An officer appointed by the Superintendent will within three months after the last-mentioned period report whether the previous conditions have been fulfilled. If his report is unfavorable to the purchaser, the purchaser may appeal to a Resident Magistrate in the manner provided by the First Part of "The Wellington Special Settlements Act 1871." When it has been decided that the purchaser has fulfilled the previous conditions, the purchaser shall pay the residue of the purchase money by instalments as follows :—£ immediately after the decision, and a like sum on each of the following days:— 18 18 18 or earlier if he thinks fit.

3. If the purchaser fail to perform the above conditions or to pay any instalment within thirty days after it falls due, the land and all improvements and all money already paid will be forfeited.

page 28

4. If the purchaser, or his executors or administrators, or a trustee under his bankruptcy, shall desire to transfer his land before paying all his purchase money, he or they may apply to the Commissioner of Crown Lands to accept another fit person in his place.

Form C.

To [Name in full]. Take notice that Mr. has reported that you have not fulfilled the Condition No. 1 of your license to occupy land in Block dated . If you are dissatisfied with the report, you may within thirty days after this notice shall be posted, appeal to any Resident Magistrate holding a Court near the land mentioned in your license, by delivering to him the notice a form whereof is annexed, properly tilled up by you [Form D to be annexed] and paying him five pounds, which will be returned to you if your appeal is successful.

Commissioner of Crown Lands. (Date.)

Form D.

Notice of Appeal.

To Esquire, Resident Magistrate.

Take notice that Mr. having reported under the First Part of "The Wellington Special Settlements Act 1871" that I have not fulfilled the condition No. 1 of my license to occupy land in the Block dated 18 I hereby appeal against the said report and require you to fix a time and place for hearing the said appeal, and I deposit herewith five pounds as required by the Act.

My address is—