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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Land Commissioner may renew awl issue fresh occupation licenses

Land Commissioner may renew awl issue fresh occupation licenses.

3. On the expiration of any existing occupation license it shall be lawful for the Commississioner of Crown Lands of the Province of Wellington to renew or regrant such license for a further term of seven years to the late holder thereof, if he shall desire the same; and if he declines or neglects to apply in writing for the renewal of such license, then to grant occupation license of the land comprised therein or any part thereof, to any other person for a like term of seven years, subject in either case to the existing Land Regulations in force in the said Province, except as hereby modified, and at such yearly sum as may be sanctioned by the Provincial Council of the said Province. Provided always that such yearly sum shall in no case be less than twopence per acre.