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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7


page 12


X. The general register of applications for land, and the local registers where such shall exist, shall be open to the inspection of the public daily during office hours; and any one may take a copy of any application from such register, or of any other entry therein.

XI. All applications made upon the same day shall, for the purpose of the following rule, be deemed simultaneous applications.

XII. In cases where simultaneous applications shall be made for a piece of land, an auction shall be held as between the applicants, the land named in the applications being put up at the upset price of ten shillings per acre, and the application shall be registered in the name of the person who shall bid and pay the highest price: Provided that either or all of the conflicting applications may be withdrawn.

XIII. A return of every application received and registered, distinguishing the name of the applicant, extent of land purchased, payments made, and any other particulars necessary for the full information of the public, shall be made monthly by the Commissioner, and published in the Provincial Government Gazette.