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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7



II. All Reserves for the sites of townships, or town and suburban land, for the sites of agricultural and small farm settlements, or for any other purpose of public advantage, safety, convenience, health, or enjoyment, shall be determined by the Superintendent, who shall notify the same by Proclamation, wherein the objects shall be specified for which every reserve may be made.

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III. In every district, ample reserves for the sites of agricultural and small farm settlements shall be made before the lands in such districts shall be thrown open to general purchase.

IV. Whenever any Association shall be formed for promoting the

Vide also "[unclear: Wellington] Special [unclear: S ments Act] 1871."

settlement and occupation of any reserve set apart tor the site of small farms, and shall propose to the Superintendent a plan containing special rules for encouraging such settlement and occupation, it shall be lawful for the Superintendent, on being satisfied of the probable ability of such Association, to effect the speedy settlement of such reserve, by Proclamation; to vest the administration of the land within such reserve, according to such special rules, in Commissioners appointed by such Association, for a period not exceeding three years: Provided always, that the land shall be sold by such Association at the fixed price of ten shillings per acre, payable in cash to the Commissioner from time to time, immediately on the sale of every allotment.

V. Whenever any reserve shall have been so made for the site of a small farm settlement, a block of the adjacent land as nearly as may be in extent one-third of the reserve, shall, by Proclamation, be annexed to the reserve, as common land, upon which, as well as upon all unsold lands within the reserve, every resident occupier of land in the reserve shall have a right of pasturage for a period of three years from the date of such Proclamation, the proportionate commonage of each occupier to be fixed by the Association; and during such term none of the said common land so annexed outside the reserve block shall be sold, nor any license for a run issued therein. At the expiration of such term, it shall be lawful for the Superintendent either to renew the same for a further period of three years, or to open the land for sale after public notice thereof for not less than three months.

VI. In every block which shall be set apart for the site of a township, or agricultural or small farm settlement, a reserve shall be made of bush land not less than one-twentieth of the whole extent of bush land within the limits of such block; or if there be no bush land thereon, then a sufficient reserve shall be made from the bush land outside such block, and most convenient thereto; the timber in which reserve shall be exclusively used in common by the resident occupiers of the laud in the block for consumption thereon, but not for sale to any persons not occupiers; and any other persons felling or removing timber from such reserve shall be proceeded against as is by law provided in respect to trespassers on Crown Land.

VII. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to make in every district a reserve not exceeding one-thirtieth part of the public lands for the purposes of education; such lands to be vested in a Board of Commissioners for educational purposes, and the proceeds thereof, as sold, to be applied to such special educational objects as may be prescribed by Acts of the Provincial Legislature.

VIII. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to make reserves where the public advantage may require it, along the banks of navigable rivers, or along an available coast line, or otherwise, so as to prevent the undue monopoly of timber, or of road or water frontage.

IX. In all blocks reserved as townships and agricultural settlements

Vide also "[unclear: Wellington] Special [unclear: S ments Act] 1871."

(except always the special small farm reserves), no land shall be sold until it has been accurately surveyed, allotted and mapped, and each allotment distinguished by appropriate marks on the ground; nor shall any allotment exceed three hundred and twenty acres in extent.