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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Sec. V.—Sales by Auction

Sec. V.—Sales by Auction.

20.—Lands sold by Auction to be first surveyed and marked on plans.

[unclear: also] Sec. of "[unclear: Adnal Landlations],"

No lands shall be included in a Proclamation or Notice as about to be sold by auction, unless the same shall have been previously surveyed, and have been distinguished by an appropriate mark upon a chart exhibited in the office of the Commissioner of Crown Lands.

21.—Public notice of sale to be given, not more than three months nor less than one.

Notice of the time and place at which any intended auction shall be held, as also of the allotments of land which will be then offered for sale, shall be given by Proclamation or public Notice, not more than three months nor less than one month before the same shall take place.

22.—Lands put up to Auction and not sold may be purchased at the upset price within three years unless again put up to auction.

It shall be competent to any person within three years next after any auction, to become without any further auction the purchaser of any lands so put up for sale as aforesaid and not then sold, by offering and paying for the same the upset price at which the same may have been put up for sale. Provided always that it shall be competent to the Government instead of permitting such lands to be purchased as aforesaid, to cause the same to be again put up to auction, giving such notice thereof as is hereinbefore provided.

23.—Ten per cent of the purchase money to be deposited at the sale and the remainder paid within one month, or deposit forfeited.

Immediate payment in cash of one-tenth of the purchase money shall be the condition of any such sale by auction, and the remaining nine-tenths of the purchase money must be paid by the purchaser within one calendar month next after the time of such sale by auction, or the one-tenth of the purchase money which has been deposited will be forfeited, and the original contract for the sale of the land will thenceforward be null and void.

24.—Lands on which such deposit shall have been so forfeited may be purchased within three years at the price bid for them, deducting any deposit paid, unless again put up to Auction.

In the case of lands thus forfeited by the non-completion of the contract for their purchase, it shall be competent for any person within the next three years after the auction at which the bidding for such lands was made, to purchase such lands for the amount that was bid for them, after deducting the amount of any deposit that shall have been paid thereon. But this regulation will not prevent the Government from causing the same lands to be put up to auction again if it shall appear necessary to do so.