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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Sec. IV.—Unproclaimed Lands

Sec. IV.—Unproclaimed Lands.

15.—Applicants for lands in unproclaimed districts to make their own surveys if a Government Surveyor cannot be sent.

Any person desirous of purchasing Crown Lands in districts not proclaimed or notified as about to be surveyed for sale, must, after selecting the locality and determing the number of acres he desires to purchase, give notice thereof to the Commissioner of Crown Lands; when he will be required, if the Government has no surveyor available for that purpose, to have such lauds surveyed at his own expense by a surveyor authorised by Government in that behalf, whose survey must be duly approved before the applicant is allowed to complete the purchase.

16.—In which case an allowance of five aerss per cent will be made.

In such case an allowance of land will be made to the applicant at the rate of five acres for every hundred acres so surveyed.

17.—If such land be sold at auction and the original applicant be outbid, the original applicant will be repaid, as the cost of such survey, a sum not exceeding one shilling per acre.

If the land so surveyed should fall under the regulations for land to be sold by auction, and the original applicant should not become the purchaser thereof, then the purchaser of the land, in addition to the amount he bid for the same, will be required to pay to the original applicant, as the cost of surveying such land, such amount, not exceeding one shilling per acre, as may be assessed by the Commissioner of Crown Lands, after taking such evidence respecting the cost of the survey as he may consider necessary.

18.—Allotments in unproclaimed districts not to be less than eighty acres in extent.

No allotment of less than 80 acres in extent will be disposed of in any unproclaimed district.

19.—Certain rules for lands in proclaimed districts to be also applicable in unproclaimed.

The rules in regard to Proclaimed Lands which relate to the prices of various kinds of land; to their sale at fixed price or by auction; to the page 8 shape of allotments; to the reservations for roads; to the right of pre-emption of homesteads on runs; and to the notice to be given to occupants of runs before land is sold by auction; will equally apply to lauds in unproclaimed districts. But where the applicant makes the survey at his own cost the deposit of 10 per cent referred to in Rule 8 will not be required.