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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Sec. II.—Lands within the Limits of Hundreds

Sec. II.—Lands within the Limits of Hundreds.

3.—Lands inside Hundreds to be sold by Auction, unless in Hundreds exempted, from this rule.

Lands within the limits of Hundreds (except in those Hundreds which may, upon the petition of the inhabitants thereof or otherwise, be declared as not falling within this rule), will be sold by Auction in accordance with page 5 the Regulations hereinafter prescribed for Auction sales, and at such prices and in allotments of such extent as may be fixed by Government in the public Notice or Proclamation in which the intended sale of such lands is notified.

4.—In which case the Regulations of the next section to apply to such exempted Lands.

In those Hundreds or parts of Hundreds which may be declared not to fall within the preceding rule, all the Regulations contained in the next section, relating to "Proclaimed Lands Outside Hundreds," shall apply to the lands so exempted.

5.—Preceding rules not to prevent sale of Lands within Hundreds already offered for sale.

The preceding rules will not prevent the sale of such lands within such Hundreds as are now open for purchase under former Regulations.

6.—Right of Pasturage in Hundreds is confined to occupants of land under Grant from the Crown, &c.

The right of Pasturage or. Waste Lands of the Crown within any Hundred is enjoyed exclusively by occupants of land held under Grant from the Crown, Pensioners enrolled for service in New Zealand, or persons of the Native or Half-caste races, occupying land within the Hundred with the permission of Government.