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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

IX.—Naval and Military Bounties

IX.—Naval and Military Bounties.

44. Whereas the Superintendent and the Provincial Council, and other the inhabitants of Canterbury, are desirous to aid in making provision for the maintenance of such persons of her Majesty's land and sea forces as may be discharged as unfit for further service, in consequence of wounds or loss of health incurred in the present war with Russia, and also for the maintenance of the widows of those who may be killed in such war:—

Any such person or widow shall, upon application to the Waste Lands Board, and upon the production page 17 of satisfactory evidence from the proper authorities as to such discharge or death, be entitled to receive a free grant not exceeding thirty acres of the Waste Lands within this Province, subject to the conditions as to form and frontage contained in these Regulations: Provided always that such application shall be made to the Waste Lands Board by such person or widow in person, within three years after such discharge or death. 1

1 This clause has become inoperative through effluxion of time.