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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7



Sale of timber

75. If any tract of land shall have been reserved for the sale of timber thereon, such timber may be sold by public auction at an upset price and subject to conditions to be fixed by the Superintendent, and the purchaser shall agree to remove the same within a certain time; and all the timber not removed within such time may be again put up to public auction.

Licenses to cut timber may be granted

76. No person shall, without a license, cut or remove any timber from any waste lands of the Crown (except timber which he shall have purchased under the last clause); and any person so cutting on removing timber shall be liable to pay the costs of such license for one year, together with the costs of recovering the amount of the same.1

be paid for such license

77. Every license for cutting or removing timber shall be issued for one month, or for one year, at the request of the person applying for the same; and a fee of ten shillings shall be paid upon every monthly license, and of five pounds upon every yearly license.

License not transferable

78. A license shall entitle no one but the person named therein to cut down the standing timber, but it will authorise him to employ any number of persons, during the term of the license, to saw, split, or remove the timber so cut; and such license shall not be transferable.
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79. A license to cut timber shall extend only to

License limited to district

the district named therein.
80. If any person duly licensed shall have established

Protection given by license

a saw pit for the purpose of sawing timber, no other person shall cut timber within fifty yards of such pit without consent of the person first occupying such saw pit: Provided that if the person establishing such pit shall not use the same, and shall not cut timber within such distance as aforesaid from the pit for twenty-eight consecutive days, it shall be lawful to any other holder of a license to enter thereupon, and to cut timber as though such pit had not been established.
81. If any person shall for the purpose of removing

Road made by removal of timber, right to use

timber, have made a road upon land being the waste lands of the Crown and not being a highway, it shall not be lawful for any other person to use the same without the permission of the person making the same first obtained: Provided that if such road shall not be used at any time for ninety consecutive days, it shall be lawful for any holder of a license at any time thereafter to use the same.
82. If any person holding a timber license shall be

License to be forfeited under certain circumstances

proved before the Waste Lands Board to have offended against any Regulations herein contained respecting timber, or to have wilfully or negligently injured or destroyed by fire or otherwise any timber belonging to the Crown, such license shall be, and shall be immediately declared to be forfeited, and it shall be at the discretion of the Board to refuse to issue another timber license to the same person.
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1 The Superintendent has power, by proclamation in the Gazette of the Province, to define any district or districts in the Province, which it shall not be lawful for the Waste Lands Board to include in any license to cut timber. (See "Canterbury Waste Lands Act 1869." Appendix No. VI. hereto.)