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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

XIX.—Registered Share Certificates

XIX.—Registered Share Certificates.

114. The Certificates of Registered Shares shall be

Registered Share Certificates to be under seal, &c.

under the seal, and shall be signed by one Director, and countersigned by the Secretary appointed by the Board in that behalf.
115. Every Registered Shareholder shall be entitled

Number of certificates.

to one certificate for all his registered shares, or to several certificates each for a part of such shares; every certificate specifying the numbers of the shares comprised in it.
116. If any Registered Certificate be worn out or

Loss or destruction of certificate

lost, it may be renewed on such proof of that fact as satisfies the Board being adduced to them, and on such page 38 indemnity as they deem adequate being given, and an entry of the proof and indemnity shall be made in the minutes of their proceedings.

Original Share-holder entitled to certificate gratis.

117. Every original Registered Shareholder shall, on the first issue of the shares, be entitled to one certificate for every registered share, gratis, but in every other case one shilling shall, where the Board think fit, be paid to the Company for every certificate.