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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

XII.—Voting at General Meetings

XII.—Voting at General Meetings.


75. On every question to be decided by poll every Shareholder present thereat in person or by proxy, and entitled to vote thereat, shall have one vote for every page 29 10 shares held by him; for every 25 shares, two votes; for every 50 shares, three votes; for every 75 shares, four votes; for every 100 shares, five votes; and one additional vote for every 50 shares in excess of 100 shares.
76. If more persons than one are jointly entitled

First names on Register must vote.

to a registered share, the person whose name stands first on the Register of Shareholders as one of the holders of the share, and no other, shall be entitled to vote in respect thereof.
77. No parent, guardian, committee, husband,

Disability in respect of voting.

executor, or administrator, respectively, of any infant, lunatic, idiot, female, or deceased Registered Shareholder, shall vote in respect of the share of such Shareholder unless and until he shall have become, as provided by these presents, a Registered Shareholder in respect of such share.
78. A Shareholder personally present at any

Shareholder may decline to vote.

General Meeting may declined to vote on any question thereat, but shall not, by so declining, be considered absent from the meeting.
79. A Shareholder entitled to vote may from time

Voting by proxy.

to time appoint any other Shareholder entitled to vote as his proxy in voting at any poll.
80. Every instrument of proxy other than a Power

Instrument of proxy.

of Attorney shall be either written or printed, and signed by the appointer, or in the case of a Corporation sealed with their Common Seal, or signed by two of their Directors, and shall be deposited at the office at

To be deposited at office 48 hours before meeting.

least forty-eight hours before the time for holding the General Meeting whereat it is to be acted on.
page 30

Form of.

81. The following may be the form of the instrument of proxy, which may be altered as found convenient:—

"I, the undersigned, a Shareholder of The New Zealand Shipping Company (Limited), hereby appoint          another Shareholder of the Company, to act as my proxy at the General Meeting of the Company, to be holden on the day of           18    , and day of           18    , and at every adjournment thereof.

As witness my hand, this day of          18   .

Signed         ."

Chairman to have casting vote.

82. The person in the chair at a General Meeting shall in every case of an equality of votes on a poll or otherwise have an additional or casting vote.