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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7


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Adjournment of Meetings for insufficient attendance 90
Establishment of, one of the objects of the Company 5
Power to establish 59
First, Election of, 40
Necessarily Projectors 95
Appointment and powers of, generally 94
Qualification of, 95
To declare acceptance of Office 48
Retiring, to continue until acceptance by new, but not beyond next half-yearly General Meeting 48
Not accepting, appointment to lapse 48
Directors to give notice of lapse 48
Reports of, to be printed 92
Penalty for acting as, when disqualified 95
Appointment of, ad interim 96
Remuneration to, 97
Half-yearly Audit and Balance Sheet 98
Equality of votes on election of, (See Votes and Voting) Special Appointment of, 100
Balance Sheet
To be prepared Half-yearly and submitted to Auditors 98
To be brought before Half-yearly Meeting 98
Bad and doubtful debts to be deducted 99
To be printed and sent to Proprietors 92
Bank Notes
Form of, 60
(See Reserve Fund)
Books of the Company
As between Proprietors, to be conclusive evidence 35
To be kept at Banking House 65page iv
Branch Banks
Power to establish, 5, 59
Places of Business, to be determined by Directors 6
Managers, and Local Directors 71
Managers of, to give security 72
Remuneration to Local Director and Manager of, 73
Removal of Manager and Director 74
Branch Managers
To be appointed by Board 73
To give security 72
Remuneration to 73
Removal of, 74
Business of Company
Places of business 6
Power to Directors to make, 58
To be confirmed at Half-yearly Meeting 58
Agreement to pay, 8
How to be made 9
Interest upon, and recovery of, 10
Agreement to pay, to meet losses 11
If not paid, shares forfeited 12
Forfeiture may be discharged 12
May be enforced although Deed unexecuted 23
No dividend, if in arrear 105
In cases of emergency 119
In arrear, shares not to be transferred 20
Amount of, and how divided 7
To be personalty without survivorship 18
Power to increase, 13
Number of Proprietors required for that purpose 13
May be reduced and returend 120
See Mortgages
Appointment of, 69
To give security 70
Shares of, may be retained as security 70page v
Of Proprietorship, to be given by the Directors 35
To give security 70
Shares of, may be retained as security 70
Style of, 1
Objects of, 5
Management of, 3
Places of business of, 6
Not bound by Trusts 30
May take benefit of Insolvent Act 123
Dissolution of, by Resolution 116
Number of Proprietors required for that purpose 116
Power of, retained notwithstanding dissolution 117
Dissolution of, in case of loss 118
Not to be dissolved except under Deed 121
Affairs of, when to be closed . 122
Of preliminary proceedings 39
To observe articles 2
General and Mutual, 1
Deed of Settlement
Provisions of, contrary to Act of Council to be suspended 4
No Proprietorship until Deed executed 23
Execution of, not to confer rights if deposit and calls in arrear 24
Rights under, suspended if calls overdue 25
Power to alter 82
To be produced on trials 109
Printed copies to be evidence 111
Interpretation of, 124
Provisional Directors, Appointment of, 39
Qualification and disqualification of, 37
Constitution and General powers of, 36
First election of, 40
Whole management reposed in, 3
Retirement of, 41
Resignation of, 42
Removal of disqualified, 38page vi
Casual vacancy, 43
Notice by Candidates 44
Mode of Election of, 45
Equality of Votes on election of, 46
Defects in election of, 47
To declare acceptance of Office 48
Retiring, to continue until new election, 48
Not accepting, appointment to lapse 48
Unqualified or disqualified, acting as, 49
Remuneration to, 50
To regulate order of Proceedings 51
Resolution of, may be rescinded 52
Majority to decide 53
Not to vote when interested 54
Protest by two, against discount, &c. 55
To keep minutes 56
General Powers of, 57
May make Bye-Laws 58
May apply for Acts of Council 4
May establish Branches 59
To regulate form of Bank Notes 60
May purchase or lease lands for Offices, &c. 61
May take land, &c., in payment 62
May take land, &c., in security 63
May take liens and Mortgages 64
To cause Books to be kept 65
May negociate securities 66
May delegate powers 67
To elect President 68
To appoint Officers, Clerks, &c. 69
To appoint Branch Managers and Local Directors 71
To limit business of Branches 71
To convene Special Meetings 77, 79
To prepare Half-yearly Balance Sheet 98
To make Half-yearly Report 101
To recommend appropriation of profits 101
To recommend payments to Reserve Fund 102
To declare Dividend 104
Indemnity to, 114
Power to make calls 9
Power to in cases of emergency 119
May discharge forfeiture of Shares 12
May sell Shares of Defaulters 12page vii
May recommend dissolution of Company 116
May take benefit of Insolvent Act for Company 123
May commence and defend actions 108
May compromise or refer to arbitration 108
May compound, give time, &c. 108
Directors Local
Election and Powers of, 71
Remuneration to, 73
Removal of, 74
Declaration of, 104
On shares, if calls in arrear 105
On shares of Proprietors who have not executed Deed 105
On forfeited shares 105
Unclaimed, 103
On shares of Female, deceased, Lunatic, Insolvent, or Bankrupt Proprietor 32
No interest to be paid on, 105
Forfeiture of, on excess of shares 22
Of Company by Resolution 116
In case of Losses 118
Affairs when to be wound up 122
Company not to be dissolved except under "provisions of Deed 121
Of Shares 22, 26
Sale of Shares under, 16
Power to discharge, 16
Of Shares, if call unpaid 12
If Proprietor pleads Partnership 109
To Officers, &c. 115
Assignees of, claiming Shares 34
Of Company 123
Interpretation Clause 124
Power to Purchase, 61
May be taken in satisfaction of, and to secure, debts 62, 63page viii
Sale of, 62, 63
Power to take liens on Wool of next ensuing clip 64
Committees or Guardians of, claiming Shares or Dividends 32, 33
Meeting of Directors
When to be held 51
Power to convene, 51
Resolutions passed at, may be rescinded 52
Votes at, 53
Director interested not to vote at 54
Protest at, against Discount, &c. 55
Minutes of, 56
General Powers of, 57
Meetings of Proprietors
General—May create new Shares 13
May remove Director 42
May make new Laws, &c. 82
Adjournment of, for insufficient attendance 90
To be notified 91
Chairmanship at, 88
Minutes of, 93
Defective Votes at, 83
Votes and Voting at, 84
Proprietors interested not to Vote 89
Special General—
Calling of, and when, and where to be held 77
Proprietors holding 3000 shares may call 77
Thirty days' notice to be given 78
Business at, 78
In cases of urgency 79
Chairmanship of, 88
To fill up vacancy in Directorship 43
May resolve on Dissolution of Company 118
Appointment of first, and successive, 75
Notice of, to be given 75
Business of, 76
Directors' Reports at, 101
Balance Sheet to be made up and exhibited 101
Reports at, &c., to be circulated 92page ix
May diminish Capital 120
To elect Auditors 94
Audit and Balance Sheet 98
May direct further audit 100
To determine reserve fund 102
May make new Laws and Regulations 82
Adjournment of, for insufficient attendance 90
Of proceedings of Directors to be kept 56
Of proceedings at General Meetings 93
Of Live Stock 64
Not to be taken for more than twelve months 64
Of Land 63
New Laws
Power of General Meeting to make, 82
Attendance of Proprietors for that purpose 82
Of Half-yearly General Meetings 75
Of adjournment of 76
Of Special General Meetings 78
Of ditto, in case of Emergency 79
Of adjourend Meetings 91
By circulars 80
Proof of, 81
Of motion by a Proprietor 76
Service of, on the Company 110
Officers of Company
Indemnity to, 114
To be responsible for individual receipts only 115
Not to be responsible except for wilful neglect 115
Defects in appointment of, 47
Appointment of, 69
To give security 70
Not to vote 87
Obligation of secresy 106
Powers of Attorney
To be produced and left 34
Election of, 68
New and forfeited shares vested in 14page x
Shares to be conveyed by, 15, 16
To continue in office, till expiration of his term of office as Director 68
To preside at Meetings of the Board 68
To preside at Half-yearly General Meeting 88
To have casting vote 88
Renunciation by, and covenant to indemnify 3
To hold limited number of Shares 22
Entitled to Certificate of Shares held 35
Executor of deceased, only to be recognised 31
Husband of Female, Executor of deceased, Committee of Lunatic, or Assignee of Bankrupt 32
When released from liability 28
To execute Deed 23
Rights and Liabilities of, 17
To pay individual debts 107
Debts of to give a lien on Shares 21
Of joint, one to be recognised 27
Not to plead Partnership 109
To be re-imbursed by Company 112
Remedy of, if not re-imbursed 113
Limitation of Liability by, 113
May call Special General Meetings 77
When interested not to vote 89
Removal of Directors by, 42
Vote by, 84
Form of, 85
Effect of, 86
Not to be held by a paid Officer, other than Director, &c. 87
Reserve Fund
Bad and doubtful debts to be charged upon, and if recovered to be credited to, 99
Payments to, out of Profits 102
When Bonus may be paid out of 102
Augmentation of, 103
Half-yearly Reports to be made 101
To be Printed and Circulated 92page xi
Obligation of, by Officers 106
Appointment of, 69
To give notice of Half-yearly Meetings 75
Division of Capital into, 7
To be personalty 18
Limit of, to one Proprietor 22
Forfeiture of, 22
Held in Trust 30
Certificates of, 35
Of deceased Proprietor 31
Of Female Proprietor marrying, Executor, Committee of Lunatic, or Trustee of Bankrupt Proprietor 32
Transmission of, to be authenticated 33
Proof of, by Marriage 34
How transferable 19
Fractional part of a Share cannot be transferred 19
Not to be transferred if Calls unpaid 20
Transferee of, to sign Deed, 26
Transferor of, when released 28
Sale and transfer of forfeited 16
Creation of new, 13
In whom vested 14
Assignment of new, 15
Forfeited on nonpayment of Calls 12
Debts of Proprietors to form a lien on, 21
Transfer or attested copy to be kept at Office of Company 29
Of disqualified Director acting, liable to penalty 49
May be taken in satisfaction or security for debts 62, 63
Transfer of Shares 19
In excess of limited number 22
Custody of Deeds of, 29
Need not be noticed 30
No Legatee, &c., to be noticed, but Executor only 31
Responsible for their own Acts only 115
Probates of, to be produced 34page xii
Liens on (see Liens)
In cases of Equality for Director, &c. 46
Questions to be decided by majority of, 53
Of President 53
By Director interested 54
Of minority, in certain cases 55, 56
Of Joint Proprietors 27
Of Chairman of Meetings 88
Defective, 83
Number and mode of taking 84
By Proxy 84, 85, 86
Of interested Proprietors 89
Of paid Officers, other than Directors, &c. 87