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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Votes of Shareholders

Votes of Shareholders

41. At every meeting of Shareholders held after the date of these presents, every Shareholder shall have votes in the proportion hereinafter specified for shares held by him or her respectively at the time of such meeting. For every five shares up to fifty shares, one vote; and one vote for every additional ten shares, but in no case shall the votes of any Shareholder exceed twelve in number.

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42. No Shareholder shall hold more than one tenth part of the capital of the Company.

43. If any Shareholder is a lunatic or an idiot he may vote by his committee; and if any Shareholder is a minor he may vote by his guardian or any one of his guardians if more than one.

44. If one or more persons are jointly entitled to a share or shares, the person whose name stands first in the register of Shareholders, as one of the holders of such share or shares, and no other, shall be entitled to vote in respect of the same.

45. No Shareholder shall be entitled to vote at any meeting unless all calls due from him have been paid, nor until he shall have been possessed of his shares three calendar months, unless such shares shall have been acquired, or shall have come by a bequest, or by marriage, or by succession to an intestate's estate, or by any deed of settlement after the death of any person who shall have been entitled for life to the dividends of such shares.

46. Votes may be given either personally or by proxies: a proxy shall be appointed in writing under the hand of the appointor, or if such appointor is a corporation, under the common seal.

47. No person shall be appointed a proxy who is not a Shareholder, and the instrument appointing him shall be deposited at the Registered Office of the Company not less than forty-eight hours before the time of holding the meeting at which he proposes to vote; but no instrument appointing a proxy shall be valid after the expiration of one month from the date of its execution.

48. Any agent holding a power of attorney from any Shareholder shall be entitled to vote on behalf of such Shareholder, provided such power of attorney or a certified copy thereof, shall have been exhibited, or, if required, lodged with the Company twenty-four hours previous to the time appointed for voting.