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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7



1.A Missionary Committee consisting of an equal number of ministers and laymen, appointed by the Australasian Conference, shall annually review the state and expenditure of the missions in New Zealand, the Friendly Islands and Feejee; and, in connexion with the general superintendent of missions, fix the grant of each district for the year. A minister and a layman shall be appointed as joint treasurers of the mission fund.
2.The missionary contributions raised in the Australasian Connexion shall be considered as part of the income of the parent Missionary Society in England. The list of the subscriptions with the names of the subscribers to be printed in the society's annual report, and the general committee of the parent society, shall from year to year so long as it may be necessary, make grants for the support of the missions in connexion with the Australasian Conference, equal in amount to that of the Australasian missionary subscriptions, paid into the general fund, with such an additional sum as the necessities of the work may for a time require. It is distinctly to be understood that the missions undertaken by the Australasian Conference are not to suffer by the reductions of the grants from the home fund of the society, but to be maintained in a state of efficiency by means of increased contributions raised in the Australasian Connexion.
3.The general superintendent of missions will be required to transmit to the Missionary Committee in London such information respecting the state and prospects of the work in the Australasian Connexion, and especially of the mission work in the Islands, as will be suitable for publication in the missionary notices and the society's annual report; and it will be further expected that such a report of the state and claims of the world be transmitted every year from the Australasian Conference as will assist the general Missionary Committee in determining the amount of the annual grant for the support of the Missions under the care of that Affiliated Conference.

John Farrar,

President of the Conference, page 41 Register of Deeds, Auckland, . I Hereby Certify that the foregoing is a correct copy of the Model Deed in trust, numbered 9252A, the same having been examined with the record copy thereof in volume 6D, 181.

Josiah Buttress,

Deputy Registrar.
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