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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 7

Section VII.—Library and, Reading Room

Section VII.—Library and, Reading Room.

34. The Library shall consist of two branches—viz., a library of reference, and a library of circulation.

35. The Committee may determine to what particular branch of the library any work belongs; the books of reference shall be open for inspection at the rooms of the Association; the other works may be obtained by the members for perusal at their own homes.

36. The Library and Reading-room shall be open daily, (Sundays and such holidays as the Committee may appoint excepted), from nine o'clock a.m. until ten o'clock p.m.

37. Silence must be maintained in the reading-room, and no person shall be allowed to smoke or take any refreshments therein.

38. No periodical used in the reading-room, of which there is but one copy, shall be circulated until the expiration of one page 8 month after its receipt, nor until the next or some subsequent number of the series has arrived.

39. Every member shall, if required, produce his ticket on taking out a book.

40. No member shall have more than one work and one periodical out at a time.

41. One week shall be allowed for reading an octavo or smaller volume, and two weeks for a folio or quarto volume, including the days of delivery and return. Magazines and Serial Works four days only.

42. If any work be not returned on the day appointed, the member shall pay a fine of one penny for every day it may be detained; and if not returned within fourteen days, application shall be made to him, when he will be required either to return it or pay the value thereof.

43. Any member lending a book to a person not being a member of the Association or of his own family dwelling under his roof, will subject himself to a fine of one shilling.

44. If a book be written in, or otherwise damaged, the member in whose hands it may have been at the time, shall pay the value thereof or replace it.

45. None of the books marked in the catalogue as "Books of Reference" shall be put in circulation, except by permission of two members of the Committee.

46. A member on returning a book shall not take the same out again until it shall have remained one clear day in the Library; nor then, if it is wanted by any other member.

47. For the purpose of enabling the Committee to ascertain the state of the Library, and the condition of the books therein, the circulation of books shall cease for one week in the month of April in each year, at which time all books must be returned into the Library, and any member withholding any books shall be liable to a fine of one shilling per volume for each and every day after the first day of the said week.

48. Any member may register an application for a book which may be out of the Library, and it will be reserved (when page 9 returned) for a period not exceeding two days. If there be at any one time several applicants for the same work, it will be available to each in succession, in the order in which the names have been handed to the Librarian.

49. Should any member remove from the premises of the Association any book, newspaper, periodical, or property of any kind, contrary to the provisions of these rules, he shall be liable to pay a fine not exceeding double the value thereof, or to expulsion, as the Committee may determine.

50. All fines must be paid to the Librarian within one month after being demanded, or the names of the members liable to pay the same may be exhibited in the reading-room; and if, after the lapse of two months, such fines shall remain unpaid, the persons in default shall cease to be members, should the Committee so determine.