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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 6

19. Grammatophora cristata. — Crested Grammatophora

19. Grammatophora cristata.

Crested Grammatophora.

The distribution of the present species does not extend, as far as my experience goes, beyond the mountainous districts; upon the dividing range specimens were frequently observed, but in the plain country they disappeared. The natives informed me that this lizard existed near Mount Hope, but they never captured it.

Near Sydney, where this species is common, it is generally found in the neighbourhood of water, diving into it when disturbed and remaining at the bottom for a considerable time. Specimens which I have in captivity, would lie at the bottom of a water vessel for hours without coming to the surface to breathe. I have watched one under water for more than forty minutes, I was then called away, but on my return half an hour afterwards I could not see the least indication that the lizard had stirred; page 30 again I watched it for some twenty minutes longer, and gave it up at last, the reptiles being apparently under no necessity to breathe.