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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 6



To investigate the Reptilian fauna of a country, a longer stay than six months is necessary, and the species which I am going to enumerate must be considered as but a small portion of the reptiles inhabiting those districts. The country consists of large plains without a stone upon them, studded with salt-bush, page 24 pine forests, or mallee scrub, affording the agile reptiles unusual facilities for escape during the summer. In the cold season these creatures, owing to the nature of the country, retreat into the ground, so that they can only be obtained with great difficulty; and this is the cause that the collection made during my sojourn on the Murray was but a scanty one.

Those which were observed belonged to the following genera:— Chelonia. 1. Chelodina. a. Leptoglossæ. 2. Hydrosaurus. 3. Pygopus. 4. Lialis. 5—7. Hinulia. 8. Mocoa. Sauria. b. Geissosaura. 9. Siaphos. 10. Trachydosaurus. 11. Cyclodus. 12. Tropidolepisma. 13—15. Diplodactylus. c. Pachyglossæ. 16—18. Phyllurus. 19—22. Grammatophora. not venomous. 23. Morelia. 24. Acanthophis. Ophidia. 25—26. Diemenia. venomous 27—28. Pseudechis 29. Hoplocephalus. 30. Limnodynastes. 31—33. Hyla. Batrachia. 34. Pelodryas.