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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 6

6. Antechinus albipes. — White-footed Antechinus, — Tram-Trammit (native name.)

6. Antechinus albipes.

White-footed Antechinus,

Tram-Trammit (native name.)

One of the smallest of this genus, and widely distributed over the whole of the southern part of the continent from Swan River to Port Jackson. The specimens I obtained on the Plains of the Murray are identical with specimens from this Colony, and with those inhabiting South and Western Australia.

The female is furnished with a rather shallow pouch containing 10 teats; and in specimens captured in July and August, from 6 to 9 young, of the size of a pea. The Natives caught this species frequently on the Sand-hills near our camp, in King George's Sound. A. albipes frequents rocky places, and is often found under stones. I have also found specimens under stones near Manly Beach.

It bears captivity very well. I have lately found several specimens, and succeeded in keeping them about six weeks alive; they thrive very well, and I killed them only on account of their rather strong odour, if fed on flesh. Though small, they are very ferocious, and they will attack mice of double their size, without fear.