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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 6



35. Nelumbo nucifera, Gaertn. Pink Water Lily. Aquaie.—In lagoons. A splendid aquatic plant. The stalk of the leaves erect; the latter peltate, slightly concave, one or two feet diameter. Flowers pink, live to eight inches diameter. Seeds, 20 to 35; more than three-quarters imbedded in a large flat-topped torus.

(2 bis) Brachychiton platanoides, R. Br.

(3 bis) Brachychiton Delabechei, Ferd. Mueller.

37. Sterculia quadrifida, R. Br. Convavola.—In scrubs and creeks. Leaves ovate or cordate. The pod, which contains three to six black ovoid seeds, is of a bright crimson colour when ripe.

(7 bis) Nympilea gigantea, Hook.