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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 6

Stems or Flower-Stalks

Stems or Flower-Stalks.

7. NymphæA gigantea, Hook. Blue Waterlily. Yako Kalor (Rkh. tribe), Kaooroo (Clev. B. tribe).—Abundant in all lagoons and ponds. Flower-stalks of the unexpanded flowers, after being broken and deprived of their fibrous part, are eatable.

8. Xanthorrhæa sp. Grass Tree. Kono.—Over ridges and mountain sides. Small part of the extremities of the young shoots, and the white tender base of leaves, eatable.

9. Livistonia Australis, Mart. Cabbage-tree Palm. Konda.—In valleys and gorges. 70 to 120 feet in height. (White part of the undeveloped leaves eatable.) " Several of my companions suffered by eating too much of the cabbage palm."—Leichhardt'8 0. L. Expedition, page 72.