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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 6

Names of Different Woods, &c., Used by the Yarra Natives for Weapons and Implements

Names of Different Woods, &c., Used by the Yarra Natives for Weapons and Implements.

Binnap (Manna Gumtree, Eucalyptus viminalis—Labill.), for Geeaus (flat shields).

Ballee (Cherrytree, Exocarpus cupressiformis—Labill.), for Gurrecks (spear-throwers).

Burgan (Mountain Teatree, Kunzea peduncularis—Ferd. Mueller), for Goyjums (kangaroo spears), Breapang or Warra-Warras (fighting sticks with bead ends), Gudjerons (waddies or clubs), Wankins (fighting boomerangs).

Dargoyne (Messmate, Eucalyptus), for Goyjums (spears).

Djelwuck (Hedycarya Cunninghamii—Tulasne), for Spear Ends and Fire-sticks (native fire kindler).

Karawun (Xerotes longifolia—R. Brown), for Baskets.

Bowat (Poa Avstralis—R. Brown), for Net Bags (ballang cowat).

Mooeyang (Blackwood, Acacia melanoxylon—R. Brown), for Mulgar or Club Shields.

Woolip (Light Tea-tree Shrub, Leptospermum lanigerum—Aiton), for Goyiums (kangaroo spears).

Wayetuck (She-oak, Casuarina leptoclada—Miquel), for Boomerangs.

Wooegook, or Wangnarra (Stringybark-tree, Eucalyptus obliqua—L'Heritier), the fibre of which is used for strings on Baskets, Spears, &c.

Jark (Gum, from any portion of Acacia mollissima—Willdenow), which page 10 is used for fixing the bottom ends of the Spears and taken from a small wattle-tree (Acacia) in the Loddon district.

Garrong (Wattle-tree, Acacia mollismna—Willdenow), for Mulgas (club shields), Boomerangs, and Spears.

Myall (Acacia homalophylla—A. Cunningham).

Mallee (Eucalyptus gracilis—Ferd. Mueller).

Tarnock (drinking vessel), and also a model of a Coorong (canoe), bark of Eucalyptus viminalis—Labill.

Easip (Spurious Ironbarktree, Eucalyptus leucoxylon—Ferd. Mueller).

Baggup (Xanthorrhœa Australis—R. Brown).—The peduncle is used for the lower portions of Spears.