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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 6

II.—Paper from Foliage

II.—Paper from Foliage.

12. Casuarina quadrivalvis: Labillardiere.—The Drooping Sheoak. A common tree of the coast as well as the inland tracts of South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales. The stringy foliage formed by the cylindrical concrescence of the branchlets with the leaves can be converted into an excellent pulp for packing, and even printing paper and millboard. The mechanical contrivances for preparing the pulp are of particular ease.

13. Casuarina leptoclada: Miquel.—The Erect Sheoak. Restricted to Victoria and New South Wales. The foliage in its use is akin to that of the former species. Different Casuarinæ occur in the other Australian colonies, in South Asia, and the Pacific Islands, but none of the species has been employed before for paper manufacture, and consequently the investi-gations instituted in Victoria may be found even of value in a country so anciently industrial as China.