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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 5

Lectures delivered before the Young Men's Christian Association in Exeter Hall, from November 1853 to February 1854

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Lectures Delivered Before the Young Men's Christian Association, in Exeter Hall,

London: James Nisbet and Co.,; Eerners Street Hamilton, Adams, and Co., Paternoster Row. 1854.

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The following Lectures are the Ninth of the Annual Series which have been delivered for the Young Men's Christian Association, and form one of its agencies for promoting the spiritual and mental improvement of Young Men.

As for as is practicable, the arrangement of the Lectures is made with a view to their twofold influence in delivery and publication. Some were specially adapted for immediate usefulness, while the value and beauty of others will be most appreciated through their careful study. To gather together, to interest, and to instruct, audiences such as those to whom these Lectures were addressed, consisting of upwards of three thousand persons, is a great privilege; and the Committee gratefully acknowledge their obligation to the most kind and able co-operation of their valued friends, the Lecturers.

With slight exceptions, the Lectures are published as delivered, and for the sentiments therein expressed, the respective Authors are alone responsible. It is the aim of the Committee to secure unity in the design and spirit pervading the whole, rather than uniformity in details; and they desire that each Lecturer should feel at liberty, to set page vi forth truth in his own manner, in the recognition of the Word of God as the standard of thought, and word, and work.

"It has been remarked by philosophic historians, that religious improvement is the proper precursor of civil and social reform, and that the Reformation preceded what is called the Revolution in England. The observation is just and sound. The principle involved is comprehensive when considered. Christianity is a system of power and wisdom. Its Sun arose and shines as a sun of righteousness with healing on his wings. It is a light that pervades and penetrates, but only affects external relations, as it moves and influences the secret powers and inner forces which it stirs and stimulates into the energy of life and godliness. It is a power that touches the spring and the regulator; it cleans and repairs the works, and oils the wheels, before it cares to adjust the hands; and it provides for the publicity and preservation of a pure and divine standard, by which the truth on earth may ever be regulated by the unerring movements of eternity."

T. Henry Tarlton,

Hon. Secretary. Young Men's Christian Association, 7 Greshem Street, City,

∵A Copy of the Ninth Annual Report of the Young Men's Christian Association, containing Rules, &c., will be forwarded on application to Mr. W. Edwyn Shipton, Corresponding Secretary.

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On Desultory and Systematic Reading.

By the Rt. Hon. Sir James Stephen, K.C.B., Professor of Modern History in the University of Cambridge.


By John B. Gough, Esq.

Romanism, in its Relation to the Second Coming of Christ.

By the Rev. Robert Bickersteth, M.A., Rector of St. Giles-in-the-Fields.

The Haldanes.

By the Rev. Wililiam Landels, of Birmingham.

The Signs of the Times.

By the Rev. John Gumming, D.D., National Scotch Church, Crown Court.

Christian Education.

By the Rev. Francis Close, A.M., Incumbent of Cheltenham.

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The Prophet of Horeb: his Life and its Lessons.

By the Rev. W. Morley Punshon, of Sheffield.

Passages from the Life of Cicero.

By the Rev. C. J. Vaughan, D.D., Head-master of Harrow School.


By the Key. Thomas Binkey, Weigh-house Chapel.

The Study of Modern History in London.

By the Rev. Arthur p. Stasley, M.A., Canon of Canterbury Cathedral.

The Two Records: Mosaic and Geological.

By Hugh Miller, Esq., Author of the "Old Red Sandstone."

The Jews and Judaism.

By the Rev. Hugh M'Neile, D.D., St. Paul's, Liverpool.

On Maurice's Theological Essays.

By the Rev. Robert S. Candlish, D.D., Free St. George's, Edinburgh.