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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 5



Sacrifices are properly victims whose blood has been poured out unto death. The Hebrews, strictly speaking, had but three kinds of sacrifices—1. The burnt offering, or holocaust. 2 The sacrifice for sin, or sacrifice for expiation. 3. The pacific sacrifice, or sacrifice of thanksgiving. Besides these were several kinds of offerings of corn, of meal, of cakes, of wine, of fruits; and one manner of sacrificing which has no relation page 20 to any now mentioned, that is, the setting at liberty one of the two sparrows offered for the purification of leprous persons; also the scapegoat which was taken to a distant and steep place, whence it was thrown. These animals thus left to themselves were esteemed victims of expiation, loaded with the sins of those who offered them.

In the sacrifices that were offered annually there was a remembrance of the nation's sins every year. On this occasion the High Priest went into the Most Holy with blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people. This was transacted on the tenth day of the seventh month every year, which was the great day of national atonement. The burnt offerings and sacrifice were for the nation and individuas, to make reconciliation, or atonement for them, yet the reconciliation was as imperfect as the priesthood and the sacrifices; the former being changeable, and the latter inefficient to the taking away of sins.