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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 5

Addenda. — The Principles of Doctrine


The Principles of Doctrine.

The Result of searching the Scriptures as above in the light of the prophetic and apostolic rule for the right understanding of the truth as it is in Jesus, viz.—"the interpretation of spiritual things by spiritual words" will establish the following definitions of the faith that has come, as the First Principles of the doctrine of the Christ, in their fulness of final revelation for hope of life, in contradistinction to the dogmas and traditions of Papalism and Protestantism, which drown men in destruction and perdition;—and also that the exact knowledge of them, according to the Scriptures, with the heart and the understanding also, is a prerequisite for the obedience of a saving faith—"the washing of water by the word," to obtain the One Baptism, without which no one can stand in God's salvation, or become a partaker with all them who, through faith and patience, inherit the promises.

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I. That Man is organized dust, himself the living soul, and under the law of his nature, which is the law of sin and death, dies and perishes for ever in the dissolution of his body.

II. That Immortality is the gracious gift of God through our Lord Jesus the Christ, and is conditional on faith and obedience, or Belief of the things concerning the kingdom o God and the Name of Jesus the Christ, and Immersion into the doctrinal Name of the Christ—the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—for repentance and remission of sins.

III. That the Things of The Kingdom are based upon the Adamic, and Abrahamic, and Davidic covenants of promise, as amplified and detailed in the Scriptures of the prophets and they contain the promise of eternal life through a resurrection from among the dead, in the day when God shall set up in the land of Canaan his latter-day kingdom by the restoration to the land of the twelve tribes of His inheritance, and the building up of the throne and house of David by his Son Jesus the Christ, whose right it is, and shall manifest by him, as the Resurrection and the Life, the Royalty of that house, the resurrected Saints, in the perfection of the Divine Nature, to live and reign with him as kings and priests for God on the earth, and possess with him as joint heirs, the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for 1000 years, or the Millennium:—and that these things constitute the One Hope of the calling of God to his kingdom and glory, and the fruition of them in the blessedness of the Divine Nature in the paradise of God on, the site of the original Eden, is the only Heaven or recompense of reward revealed in the Scriptures of truth, and must be all, the salvation and all the desire of "the wise who understand."

IV. That The Things of the Name have relation to the development of Jesus as the Christ of God's kingdom, and therefore the Saviour of his people, and are detailed in the Scriptures! of the prophets and apostles, and involve the doctrine that God is the Only Self-Existent Deity, and in the fulness of time, incepted His Son Jesus in the womb of a Virgin as a Mortal Max, made of a woman, under the law of works, that he might redeem them page 13 that were under that law, as well as under the law of faith; who perfected in suffering a character pure and holy, and without transgression, and being anointed with Holy Spirit without measure for the work of his mission at his Immersion in the Jordan, spake the words and did the works of his Father according to commandment, and became obedient to death, and was accepted of God as the purification sacrifice, or atonement for the sins of the world who should believe into him as the covenanted Christ, and therefore the Saviour and Lamb of God without blemish and without spot, to bring sinners unto God; who was raised up from the dead of the righteousness of God in the body of his death, because he knew no sin, and was perfected in his ascension to the Divine Nature by a spirit-birth in the fulness of the Godhead, that he might be manifested both Lord and Christ, the Eulfiller of the promises, the Seed of the Woman, and of Abraham, and of David, the Son of God, the King of Israel, and the Author of eternal salvation, to all who should be counted as the Seed through the faith which is in him.

V. That the Resurrection has effect only, in regard to those individuals of the human race who have been brought into such connection with revealed truth, that they incur the responsibility of its rejection or its unworthy profession, and that judgment upon them has been committed to the Son, as the Father's representative in the work of Adamic regeneration, and the residue of the dead remain in the dust to rise up no more.

VI. That the Resurrected spring to light, flesh and blood, or mortal men and women, to report their former selves to the Judge, the Lord Jesus the Christ, at his appearing and kingdom; and such of them as shall be counted the righteous Seed, will be raised to a spiritual nature by a spirit-birth in the fulness of the Christhead, that they may inherit the kingdom; and the others, unworthy of eternal life, will be thrust out of the kingdom to suffer their many or few stripes, and then to utterly perish in their own corruption.

VII. That the terms Satan and Devil are simply appli- page 14 cable to 'Sin in the Flesh' reigning in the members of the body, in individual, social, and political manifestations; the 'Carnal Mind,' which is enmity against God; and that No Such Being as an Immortal Agent of Evil, wielding the powers of omnipotence and omniscience, exists in the whole creation of God, and is An Absolute Impossibility, since, according to the Scriptures, whosoever attains to eternal life does so through well-doing, and is vitalized by the spirit substance of the Divine Nature (which is essential life, and goodness, and truth); and such an one can therefore neither sin, nor suffer, nor die, because born of God, and consubstantial with the Father Spirit, and like the Lord Jesus the Christ himself in his perfected exaltation, a Son of God in power by spirit of holiness through a resurrection from the dead.

On These Foundations rest the seven pillars of Wisdom's temple, one Body, one Spirit, one Hope of the calling, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, and one God and Father of all who is above all, and in all, and through all; and unless these foundations of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus the Christ himself, the Chief Corner Stone, be recognized, our faith will never rise to the life immortal, and our hope will be that of a deceived heart feeding upon ashes, which will never see light.

This is the wisdom of God in a mystery—the mystery of Godliness—the light of life. Let him that readeth understand what the Spirit saith unto the Ecclesias, for "The Fear of the Lord is the Instruction of Wisdom, and Before Honour is Humility"—Proverbs.