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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2


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The Association shall be called "The Dunedin National Industrial Association."


The objects of the Association will be to watch over, assist, and promote the legitimate advancement of our local industries, and to utilise and employ to the best advantage our labour and raw material.


To adopt all legitimate means of keeping before the public mind the fact that true national economy demands the promotion and encouragement of native industries.


To collect and publish statistics and information relating to or calculated to forward the objects of the Association.


To agitate for the adoption of a fair and discriminating Tariff, and the improvement of our relations with the producers, distributors, and consumers in New Zealand, the neighbouring Colonies, and other Countries.


To co-operate with similar associations in other centres of population, and to promote the discussion and consideration of matters affecting the manufacture and trade of the Colony.


To secure the co-operation of members of Parliament in furthering the objects of the Association.

The Subscription of Members of the Association shall be an annual payment of One Guinea by employers and others, and of Five Shillings by employés.

Every information as to the objects of the Association will be furnished on application to the Secretary, with whom members and others interested are invited to put themselves in communication

As the weight and influence, and consequently the interests of this Association will be augmented and advanced in proportion to its increase in numerical strength, it is suggested that each Member should urge its importance and advantages upon all manufacturers and others interested in the prosperity of the Colony within the circle of his acquaintance, with a view to inducing them to join its ranks.

George Grant, Secretary.

7 Union Chambers, Princes Street, Dunedin.