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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Class 7. — Machinery & Metal Manufactures

Class 7.

Machinery & Metal Manufactures.


Adams, Walter, Dunedin

Model of Full-rigged Ship


Alves, John, Dunedin

Working Model of Alves' Patent Aërial Tramway, with specimen full-size clip and hanger, for 2-inch rope, capable of carrying 2 cwt per basket, and as now working at Fernhill Colliery, near Dunedin


Alves, John, Dunedin

Model of Alves' Patent Silt Elevator and Carrier

This is a machine, or rather a combination of two machines, for raising stuff from a punt and afterwards carrying it to almost any distance required, at any rate within reason. Messrs. Alves and Howorth are the patentees, and patents have been taken out in New Zealand, the Australian Colonies, and America.

The working model exhibited is on a scale of 1½ inches to the foot, and the carrier, as it stands, can take the stuff nearly a chain—that is, proportionately to scale.

page 48

In the full-size machine the ropes will be crucible steel, flat or round, as may be required for the special work to be done.

The clips will be made of steel moulded to fit strands of ropes, (see clips screwed to top rail of model.) Each clip will be fastened by bolt and nut, and will bear a strain on each bucket of two tons without slipping.

The buckets will be made of steel plate and capable of holding 2 cwt. of material. The lifting buckets will be fastened to the ropes with 4 clips to each to resist a strain on each bucket of 4 tons. The carrying buckets are reversible and easily adjusted.

Whenever it becomes necessary to extend the carrying ladder, a wire rope is stretched over the trestles to the distance required.

The bucket-ladder can be made of sufficient length and strength to dredge direct from bottom of docks or rivers instead of lifting the material out of punts, as shown.

By fixing the lifting-ladder in front of the machine, a canal can be cut and the material carried and deposited by one and the same operation.

There being no pins to wear as in pitch chains, and the ropes passing smoothly over the pulley-wheels, the wear and tear is reduced to a minimum, great rapidity of speed is gained, and a great saving of engine power is effected.


Alves, John, Dunedin

Patented Furnace Bars and Bridge for better combustion of fuel, securing greater economy, cleanliness, &c.


Barningham and Co., Dunedin

Verandah, ornamental cast iron; made by exhibitors


Clifford, R., Dunedin

Model of Tararua


Cutten and Co., Dunedin




Dunbar, A, Christchurch

2 Steeplechase Saddles

2 Ladies' Saddles

2 Gents' Saddles


Ellis, Thomas, Wanganui

Butter Churn, manufactured by exhibitor of kauri wood; will churn from 5 to 45 lbs. butter


Frost, John W., Wellington

Rubber Stamps (various)

page 49

Green, H. F., Pelichet Bay

Models of Yachts, &c.


Guthrie and Larnach's Co., Ltd., Dunedin

Spokes, Wheel Rims, Swingle Bars

Tubs, Butter Firkins

Dairy Utensils, &c.; their own manufacture


Hargreaves, Thomas, Nelson

Model Wave Power Machine

This machine could be used to compress air, to drive an air engine, or to work the electric light at any lighthouse, or for other purposes on the sea coast. No difference would be made in the forward motion by the irregularity of the waves. With a cylinder 20 ft. in diameter and 8ft. wave per minute, the machine would be equal to 19 horse-power; and with three waves per minute, each 5ft., it would give 22 horse-power. It has been favourably reviewed in "The English Mechanic and World of Science" of 22nd October, 1875.


Haxton and Beattie, Gore

Patent Flexible Tired Harrow


Hill, E. H., Kaikorai Valley

Improved Letter Copying Press


Hunter, A., Dunedin

Patent Family Mangle, own make Engine


Jackson, George W., Dunedin

Working Model of Cable Tramway, with improved gripper


Lochhead, Robert, Dunedin

Automatic Plaiting Machine, invented and patented by exhibitor


Locke, Alfred, Wellington


Saddle and Shoe Work


Marr, David, Port Chalmers

4 Casks

1 Cheese Vat

1 Washing Tub

page 50

Moore, Charles, Dunedin

Harness and Saddlery


McCarthy. Samuel, Dunedin

Electric Bell and Fittings in working order, &c.


Nordgreen, John, Port Chalmers

2 Cases of Model Ships


Papprill, S., Christchurch

Specimens of Electrotypes and Stereotypes for Printing

Specimens of Nickel and other plating


Reading, Samuel, Dunedin

Dies, Tools, Stamps, and Engravings


Reid and Gray, Dunedin

Double-furrow Plough, with swivel coulters

The frame is made of best hammered scrap iron, and the coulters, mould boards, and shares of best hard cast steel. These ploughs, of which we have made and sold over twelve hundred in one season, have taken, in actual trials in the field, more prizes than those of all other makers combined, besides having repeatedly taken the Champion Prize for the best ploughing in the field, when competing against the best single and double ploughs of other makers

1 Double Furrow and Subsoil Plough combined

1 Set New Steel Tripod Harrows

An Assortment of Patented Machine-made Castings

An Assortment of Spokes, Swingle Trees and Cart Staves


Robin T. and Co., Dunedin




Schlaadt, Bros., Dunedin

4 Horse-power Water Engine, on New Principle

Sole Cutting Knives, for Leather

Pressing Rollers, for Boot Factories

Block Machine, for do.


Sinclair, Mark, Dunedin

1 Double Buggy, built by exhibitor

1 Set Elliptic Springs, made by exhibitor

1 Set Buggy Wheels made by exhibitor

page 51

Sparrow, R. S., Dunedin

Models and Drawings of Steamers


Stannard and Grigg, Dunedin

Perambulators, made by exhibitors


Stewart. T. and W., Dunedin

1 Waggonette, English Style, built by exhibitors

1 Single Buggy, built by exhibitors

1 Double Buggy, built by exhibitors


Thomson, Thomas, Bluff Harbour

Washing Machines

Method of Lifting Heavy Weights

Models of Ships' Compasses, Ships' Anchors, Wind

Power, Water Power


Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand, Limited, Dunedin

Steam Navigation in New Zealand Waters, illustrated by

statistics and models of steamers

Model of the Company's s.s. 14 "Rotomahana"

Model of the Company's s.s. "Wakatipu"

Model of the Company's s.s. 44 "Te Anau"

Model of the Company's s.s. "Rotorua"

Model of the Company's s.s. 41 "Arawata"

Model of the Company's s s. 44 "Riugarooma"

Model of the Company's screw steam yacht

Model of Tug Steamer for the Otago Towing Co. Chart, showing the ocean tracks of the Company's steamers


Fleet Of Steamers Belonging To The Union S.S. Co.
Gross Reg. I.H.P.
Rotomahana 1727 2000
Wakatipu 1796 1250
Te Anau 1652 1500
Arawata 1098 1250
Riugarooma 1096 1250
Rotorua 926 900
Albion 806 800
Penguin 742 900
Hawea 720 850
Wanaka 493 600
Taiaroa 469 500
Lady Bird 421 450
Waitaki 412 450
Maori 174 300
Beautiful Star 176 150
Omapere 600 506
Mahinapua 450 500
Manipori 190 1750

Watt and Co., Dunedin

1 Water Engine

1 Tide Gil age

1 Bell Punch

1 Bunsen's Burner

1 Electric Sign

page 52

1 Pair Blake's Transmitters (telephone)

1 Pair Microphone do., with automatic switches and Telephones, complete

Model of House fitted with Door and Window Alarms, Fire Alarms, &c.

Self Adjusting Pendulum Indicator

Flag Adjusting Pendulum Indicator

1 each Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Metallic Base Electric Bells

Thermostat, Burglar Alarms for doors and windows

Switches, Fly Switches, 2-way Switches, 3-way Switch

Medical Coil and Battery

Electric Pipe Lighter

1 Bell each of the following Voltaic Batteries:—

Smee's, Fuller's, Bunsen's, Daniel's, Woolaston's, Leclanche's, Grove's, Tyer's, Walker's, Dale's, Grant's, Gravity Bichromate, &c.

Samples of Electro-plating, Nickelling, Gilding, Coppering. Electrotyping, &c.

Binding Screws, Carbons, Zincs, and other Battery requisites

Pole Board for Medical Battery


Waymouth, John, Auckland

Models of five Celebrated Yachts, and five modified from these by being designed on a diagonal line of geometrical construction

The method adopted by the designer and exhibitor is a practical development of Scott Russell's wave-line theory. It is an immense stride forward in yacht designing, as it gives geometrical certainty to what has hitherio been mere matter of taste or rule of thumb.


Whittingham, Richard, Dunedin

3 Chums of Kauri, various designs, with improvements made by exhibitor


Wootton, Charles, Dunedin

Bridle Bit; made by exhibitor


Zander, Henry, Ashburton

Model of a Fleet of Ships; made by exhibitor