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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Mac's Farewell.—aboord a Ship, 1876

Mac's Farewell.—aboord a Ship, 1876.

We had a jolly time av it last night. Afhter dinner, Mac shouted all round two or three times runnin'. Dunstan an' Caversham wor goin' to fight, but Mount Ida separated thim. Stout read a paper on "Ivoiution opposed to Abolition," which was enthusiastically encored. Thomson gave us a threatise on the Milton Potthery Works, afther which V.P. tould us his yarn about poor Larry Burke. Mac was in splindid spirits, and afther a little pressin', gave us the followin' song av his own composition:—

Adieu to Otago.

Adieu ! a heart-warm fond adieu,
Otago, where I've reigned sae lang;
Ma friens, yer healths, I drink tae you
(This grog's I think ow're muckle Strang.)
Though I tae Wellington maun hie,
At duty's post I'll staun' or fa',
Your Mac shall ken the reason why,
Ere abolition is the law.

Oft hae I met your bletherin' band
In Council Ha' on winter nichts,
An' honored wi' supreme command,
I listened tae your noisy fechts.
Oh, Rabbie, frien, I trust in you,
An' De Latour, jist gie's yer paw,
We'll stick thegither, staunch an' true,
Ere Abolition is the law.

They'd daur to rob us o' oor ain,
But, by ma faith, it winna wash
(Jist pass the whiskey tae McLean,
V. P. takes soda an' a dash);
I've Burns an' Seaton at ma back
(Though Jemmy is a wee bit raw),
An' Shrimski, tae, will fecht wi' Mac,
Ere Abolition is the law.

page 93

Ma conscience I it's a black disgrace
Tae think that I, your Super, should
Be thrust at ance frae power an' place
(Pass up the grog to Joyce an' Wood);
Though Larnach smirks, an' Horace smiles,
Ma faithfu' frieus we'll find a flaw
In Vogel's mail, despite his wiles,
Ere Abolition is the law,

As Rabbie Burns sang" noo's the day,"
I speak tae ye like Wallace wight,
Be ready for the comin' fray
(Here Mauders, drink, ye're no sae tight).
Wee Tuapeka Broon is leal,
An' Shrimski loud his horn will blaw.
Wi' Thomson here—that canny chiel—
Ere Abolition is the law.