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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

A Pin Dix

page 91

A Pin Dix.

The followin' gims wint asthray in me portfoley, an' so they are out av their rigular ordhcr in the Budgit:—

The Kurnil.

Ye may boast av ainshint wars,
Whin the haythins worshipp'd Mars,
An' the Greeshins bate the Parshins undher Daariuss;
Whin proud Mill-ti-a-days,
(Be the mortial, av ye plaise)
On Marathon displayed his deeds so various.
In histhory we're tould,
That those Spartan Boys wor bould,
But Attic salt should saison Greshin story,
An' faix there was'nt one
Av those hayros that has done
Sich wondhers as our Kurnil has for glory.

Ye've heard o' Brian Boru,
Who smashed the Danish crew
To smithereens; ye've likewise heerd o' Wallace,
Who thrashed aitch Sassanach,
An' dhrove the varmints back
To Ingland, Sure he also bait the Poleis;
Faix Watherloo was won
Be brave ould Willinton
('Twas there they kilt me mother's cousin, Rory),
Those laidhers must sing small,
For they can't compare at all
To the Kurnil—he's the boy for death or glory.

Av coorse ye must have read
How the Jarmins fought an bled
Upon the bridge av Lody an' Maringo,
Whin Boney led the Franks
To mow the foemin's ranks,
Begorra, 'twas a purty sight, be jingo.
But, blur-an-ouuthers, boys,
Those sojers wor but toys,
Compared to those led be our martial Tory.
Faix, many a Maori chief,
The Kurnil brought to grief—
Och, he's the boy to laid us on to glory.

Wid many a wild hoorah,
He often thrashed his Pa
(Unjewtiful o' him to bait his daddy)—
An' many a time he bait
A beautiful rethrait;
He often said:—"Don't spake o' those things, Paddy.
I jist recall those scenes,
In the midst o' dead marines,
Surrounded be the port an' claret gory;
The Anglo-Saxon sthrains
Gets bilin' in me vains,
An' I long to laid ye all to death or glory."

page 92

Who talks o' Russian scares ?
We can muzzle all the bears,
If Tarthars should come here ipon the fossick,
Our milithary toff
Will make 'em Shouvel-off,
He'll put a nate comether on aitch Kossick;
On Forbury's glorious plain
(A sham fight that brought sham-pain)
Where gathered proud C'lan Stuart an' Clan Rory,
To back the min o' Wales
(In the charge on Watson's ales),
Sure the Kurnil watched the fight for death or glory.

Paddy Murphy.