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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Lambton Kay, Wellinton, August 2nd, 1880

Lambton Kay, Wellinton,

A few evenins ago, Mac, an' Daylahtoor, an' Jay See Brown, an' Shrimmy, an' a few more o' the boys met me up at Jack M'Ginitty's on the Kay, an' as it was about tay-time I invited thim home to take a cup wid me. Afther Molly had rimoved the tay-things, me ould frind George Jones dhropped in wid his fiddle, an' the black bottle that I keep in the kuturd for me purticular frinds was projooced. Be the hokey, we spint a most enjoyable evenin', so we did, an' Mac danced the soord-dance across two brooms in illigint style. Before we broke up for the night, Jay See suggested that I should write a node in honour o' Graham Berry's victhory in Victory-a. As the subject was a most conjanial one. I sthruck off the fol- page 86 lowin' varses impromchew (this is not Frinch, but gintale English, that manes "on the spot"):—