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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

The Caversham Race

page 6

The Caversham Race.

The greatest excitement that iver took place,
Occurred on the day o' the Caversham Race;
A hundbrid to tin upon Banker was bet,
While others were backin' the Caversham Pet.
Och mavrone! how the mimbers were skitin',
And all kinds o' rumors were flyin' about,
Begorra, I scarcely could keep thim from fightin'
Like Donny brook divils for Larnach an' Stout.

Mesilf an' Sir George, sure, were havin' a chat,
Ses he, "D'ye mind what I'm tellin' ye Pat?
The Kensington boys should support us to-day,
For Green is a colour that mixes wid Grey.
Och Mavrone! when Sir George cum the blarney,
I telegraph'd down to the boys to turn out;
For jist let me tell ye, me big brother Barney
Lives down on the Flat, an' he voted for Stout.

Now whilst we were havin' what Scots call a "crack,"
We quickly were joined by our jolly frind Mac;
An' thin we all sthrolled to the club-house, ye see,
Where Mac shouted whiskey-an'-wather for three.
Och mavrone! wid a knightly evasion,
Sir George swore he would'nt partake o' the "shout,"
Ses he "Me dear boys, upon sich an occasion,
The only refreshment I care for is Stout."

Just thin from the sthreet, came a bull-a-bulloo,
An' Bunny rushed in with a "hip, hip, hurroo."
"Me darlints," ses he, "sure the battle is done,
The foe is defated, an' Caversham's won."
Och mavrone! sure we capered before him,
Mesilf an' Sir George at a jig took a bout,
And Mac on his bell topper danced "Tullochgorum."
"Ho waither!" ses he, "bring a dozen o' Stout."

Thin out on the lobby assimbled the boys,
An' didn't they kick up the divil's own noise,
Some sed it was right, an' some swore it was wrong,
Some faces were grinuin', an' others were long.
Och mavrone! sure the Wakatip porpoise
Was saezed wid a sudden attack o' the gout;
They called an express for to take home his corpus,
Vexation had made him so awfully Stout.

Paddy Murphy.

Lambton Kay, Wellin'ton,