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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2


page 63


Air: "My Ain Countrie."
Oh! why left I ma hame,
Why did I cross the deep?
Tae hear aboot this shame
Maks a' ma flesh tae creep,
Thae lassies' legs sae braw,
Folks mauna gang tae see,
For I shall mak a law
Tae guard moralitee.

The roaring lion goes
Tae see those wicked plays,
The evil beastie knows,
Or kens, they wear na claes;
Devoorin' in a rage
The sinners wha, sae slee,
Applaud upon the stage,
Sic immoralitee.

The "Can Can" whirligig,
I dinna understan',
A Spanish reel or jig,
Nae doot its verra gran';
It gars me greet fu' sair,
Tae think sic things can be;——
Lang claes I'll mak them wear,
Tae guard moralitee.

Afther Misther Dick's vocal gim, the cowcass pledged thimselves to create a new portfoley, somethin' like the Lord Chamberlain's. Misther Dick is to take offis in the new Cabinet undher the title of Minister o' Morality. No more at present.

Paddy Murphy.