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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

The Kurnil's Song

The Kurnil's Song,

Air: "Drops o' Brandy."
I'm ready for a row,
For my sword is rusty now,
And I want to carve the Maoris neat and handy O.
My courage is all there,
I can make the rebels stare,
At skirmishing and fighting I'm a dandy O.

When filled with port or bock,
I defy the battle's shock,
My spirit is as strong as three-star brandy O;
I'll conquer any field,
And make the foeman yield,
At skirmishing and fighting I'm a dandy O.

Whin the Kurnil had concluded, his Ixcillencee got upon his vice-raygil legs, an' rindhered the followin' in a fine racy voice;—