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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Paddy Murphy's Budget. — Essince O'Parliment

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Paddy Murphy's Budget.

Essince O'Parliment.

I've promised to tell ye dear frind,
All the items o' news that I've pinn'd,
Since the Parliment sat,
And began for to chat,
On the thruth o' my word ye'll dipind,
Me dear frind,

Bad luck to the lie will I sind.

I wint to the House the fust day,
When the Mimbers prepar'd for the fray,
Och, begorra 'twas grand
To see Norman by stand
And spout in an illigant way,
Well he may,

Thin the boys all adjourn'd to tay.

Ye've heerd o' the Knight o' Cashmere,
Who puts on the airs o' a Peer,
He talks moighty fine,
And swears he'll resign
From the Gooldfields Committee up here,
Oh! boys dear,

Thin the Mimbers wint out for a beer.

Och, yer sowl, we'd an illigant spree,
Tween Gintle-faced Tommy, ye see,
And that cunnin' ould fox
From the Editor's box
Av a paper that's published wid ye,
Ye mind me,

And he's known be the name o' V.P.

Sir George has been spoutin' galore,
He's always in front to the fore,
An' Bunny an Fitz
(A nice pair o' wits)
Keep the House in a regular roar,
Wid their lore,

In a short time I'll sind ye some more.

Paddy Murphy.

Lambton Kay, Wellin'ton,